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What are Cake Scraps?

Cake Scraps are more than just a boring, dry slice of cake. They are the future of cake! Cake Scraps are jars that are filled with deconstructed cakes that are jam-packed with delicious flavor combinations. Every component of them is fresh and home-made including the layers of moist cake, frosting, jam, crumbled cookies, ganache, and fun toppings. Just twist off the lid and dive right in for the most scrumptious dessert you’ve ever eaten!

Are there gluten free options?

Yes, both the cookies and cream and s’mores flavors are available gluten free. When ordering one of these two flavors online, this option will appear and should be selected prior to check-out.

What allergens do Cake Scraps contain?

Cake Scraps contain milk, eggs, and wheat (except for the gluten free flavors). None of the jars contain tree nuts, however, the PB&J jars are made with peanuts.  All Cake Scraps are processed in a shared kitchen that may on occasion have peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat in the space.

Do I have to refrigerate my Cake Scraps?

Yes! Cake Scraps contain dairy and must be refrigerated overnight. They can stay out for several hours during the day and they taste even more delicious at room temperature but if the jar is not eaten in one sitting, it should be refrigerated until you’re ready to enjoy.

How long do Cake Scraps stay fresh?

Our Cake Scraps can be enjoyed for 10 days if kept in the refrigerator and up to 6 months in the freezer.

Are there dairy free or vegan options?

Not at this time.

Are Cake Scraps kosher?

No, they unfortunately are not.

Can I place a large order for a special event?

Yes, we do cater large gatherings and special events including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate events, and other celebrations. For large orders, email and we will get back to you to discuss your event needs.

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, depending upon the size of the order. For large orders, email and we will get back to you to discuss the number of jars and pricing on a bulk order.

Can I customize the label on the jars?

Yes. We can make personalized, fun labels for any occasion. Whether ordering for a birthday, college acceptance, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or corporate event, we can do it all! When you place your online order online, click the custom label option. For larger custom label orders, email

Note: Additional fees will apply.

Can I customize the actual cake and frostings that are layered into the jars?

Yes. We can make a custom order for any occasion including team spirit, school colors, or other special events. For custom colors or flavor combinations email and describe the jar you’d like us to make and we will get back to you to confirm your order.

Note: Additional fees will apply.

Can I include a personal card in my order for special occasions?

Yes!! Cake scraps are the perfect gift for every occasion! We are happy to include personal messages in our delivery boxes. Just write your message in the notes section prior to placing your online order.

Are Cake Scraps shipped frozen?

Because Cake Scraps are so fresh, they freeze well. The jars are frozen before shipping and are packaged with ice packs to keep them fresh as they defrost. They will likely be room temperature upon receipt and should be refrigerated upon arrival. Or, just dig right in and enjoy immediately! Cake Scraps are meant to be eaten at room temperature. They can also be refrozen for enjoyment at another time.

Is there a pickup option for people in the New York area?

Pick up options are available. We are located in Long Island City. If you would like to pick up your online order, please email us at to make arrangements; we will also refund the shipping cost which is automatically charged with online orders.

Are Cake Scraps available for delivery everywhere?

Yes! We deliver everywhere in the continental U.S. so Cake Scraps can be enjoyed all around the country!

Can I travel with my Cake Scraps?

Yes! Cake Scraps are the perfect on- the-go snack and are also made to travel. They can easily be taken on an airplane; just freeze the night before departing!

Can the food trailer be rented for events and parties?

Yes! Our trailer is the perfect addition to every event whether it be a wedding, Bat Mitzvah or just a birthday party. Guests will love this interactive addition to your special celebration.